1. How can I apply for an apartment?

Please use the rental inquiry on our website. We will get back to you as soon as we have a free apartment for you.

2. Is it possible to rent an apartment for a short period of time (e.g. 6 months or less) if I'm doing an internship or something similar?

The student apartments are only meant for students, trainees or interns who have supporting evidence of education and training. The minimum rental period is six months.

3. Are there costs that I have to pay on top of rent and deposit, e.g. utilities or admin fees?

No! The rental price is ALL INCLUSIVE (covering all utilities). There are no hidden handling fees or commission fees that you need to pay. When you move out, there will be a final cleaning fee due which amounts to €150.00. This will be debited from your bank account together with the last rent.

4. Does the amount of rent vary during the tenancy agreement?

The tenancy agreement includes an annually graduated rent of 2%.

5. How much is the deposit?

The deposit is equivalent to two months rent.

6. Can I visit the different student apartments before moving in?

Thanks to our 360° videos, you can easily get an impression of the apartments and the common rooms from home. We can arrange an inspection on site for you and your parents. Just call our management team and make an individual appointment.

7. What are the common rooms?

At all STUART locations, there are fully equipped shared kitchens, study rooms and lounges to relax together.

8. Is the kitchen in the apartment come equipped with crockery/pots and pans etc.?

Due to the individuality of each student, the apartments are not equipped with crockery or kitchen utensils. You have to get pots, pan & co for yourself.

9. How is the kitchenette equipped?

The kitchen in your apartment comes with two ceramic glass cooktops, a microwave with grill and a sink. The LED bar provides the best lighting and you have plenty of storage space for cookery books etc.

10. Is there a cleaning rota for the communal areas that I have to follow?

STUART is not your everyday student accommodation! You don't need to scrub any floors or hoover the common rooms – we’ll take care of that as these extra costs are included in your rent. Of course, every student should dispose of her/his own garbage.

11. Can I borrow vacuum cleaners, irons and ironing boards?

Of course. All these household appliances are available to use and can be borrowed from the caretaker aka “Hauswart” for free.

12. Are room cleaning services available? If yes, how much does this cost?

Please ask the management team about this (cleaning fees vary depending on the size of the apartment).

13. Do I have access to a launderette service or washing machines in the building?

In every STUART there are laundries with enough washing machines and clothes dryers. For a reasonable fee they can be used by all residents.

14. How big is my bed?

The beds are either 1.00m x 2.00m or 0.90m x 2m in size. The management team will inform you as soon as possible so that you can purchase the right mattress.

15. Can I rent the apartments together with a friend?

The apartments “Brook” and “Elbstrand” are rentable for two people after consultation with the STUART Management.

16. Are there parking facilities for my bicycle?

Depending on the location, you can park your bike either in a bicycle room or in a secured outdoor area.

17. Are there any printers/photocopiers/scanners?

There is currently no printer-/photocopier-/scanner-station. However, there are printing and photocopying shops close to your STUART location.

18. How can I get information about events, etc.?

STUART Student Apartments will keep you up-to-date with the latest information on our Facebook fanpage and the internal STUART Newsletter.

19. What about safety?

We will do our best to ensure your safety at STUART. Every single apartment is equipped with a bell and intercom system. Thanks to the intercom system every student can see who is standing at the door and decide beforehand whether to let visitors in.

Fire protection is extremely important to us! In addition to the many fire protection doors in the building, there is a modern fire detector in each apartment, which alerts you immediately, should there be smoke in your apartment.

20. Are there designated parking spaces in front of the building? If yes, how much do these cost?

No. Due to the central location of STUART Student Apartments, we cannot offer you any special parking spaces. However, ask the management team, if there are any alternatives nearby.

21. Are there enough mailboxes?

Yes. Each STUART resident has his/her own mailbox. After receiving a key, you can be sure that your mail won't get lost. Just specify the apartment number and the mailman will find your mailbox. In addition, there are enough parcel boxes, so that your online order can be delivered securely.

22. If my parents are acting as guarantors, do I have to or do they have to sign the rental contract?

You and your parents sign the rental contract.

23. I’d like to terminate the tenancy agreement – what do I need to do?

You have to terminate the tenancy agreement in writing and three months before the end of the semester (31.03. or 30.09.).

24. Is there a telephone or telephone connection in the room?

There are no telephone connections in the apartments.

25. Is there a TV or TV connection in the apartment?

The apartments have no TV or TV connections. You can either install a DVB-T2 or Online TV system yourself or relax in front of a TV available in one of the study rooms or in the lounge.

26. Do I have Wi-Fi in my apartment? If yes, what costs do I have to pay?

At all STUART locations, there is free high-speed Internet via Wi-Fi. In addition to that the data plugs in your student apartment ensure a particularly fast LAN connection.