Wandsbek – urban, busy and green

Hamburg-Wandsbek is characterized by its central location. You can find public transport and bikes to rent (StadtRAD) in close proximity to STUART Student Apartments which will take you to any destination in Hamburg and nearby.

More information on the accessibility within Hamburg (subway, city train and (night) buses, you can find here: www.hvv.de

You may get further information on connections to other cities here: www.bahn.de.

You can obtain detailed information about rental bicycles from StadtRAD here:


You can rent cars with DriveNow and Car2Go and Car2Go that are available all over the city. "Book, get in, drive and park" - that's how simple it is. Car2Go starts from 24 cents per minute. DriveNow has different offers such as the prepaid package, and holders of the STUART member card can save the registration fee of 29 Euros.

You can find more information and rates at: www.drive-now.com and at www.car2go.com.

Whether it be urban vibes or green corners – Wandsbek has something in store for everyone. The Alster river isn't far away from STUART Student Apartments either. No matter what you feel like – you can reach there within an instant.

Aside from that Wandsbek has plenty to offer. Either running from Eilbektal to the Alster river or exercising in a local sports club - you'll find whatever suits you. Fans of shopping can discover their personal paradise in the shopping center "Wandsbeker Quarree", while various cafes and bars invite you to relax. Amidst the hustle and bustle as well as the serene corners, all types of people can find their "places 2 be".