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The district of Wandsbek is located in the east of Hamburg. Wandsbek is urban, bustling and incredibly green. There is also a good connection to the public transportation and a lot to see. The quirky Wandsbek is both a residential district and a business location. Wandsbeks central location in the metropolis Hamburg is not the only reason for the attractiveness of the district.. You’ll find here also idyllic and natural corners, The Wansbeker can take a deep breath in the floodplains of the „Wandse“, wich flows through the entire district. Wonderful meadows and miles of promenades await the recreation seekers.

Wandsbeker marketplace:

The redeveloped marketplace “Wandsbek Marktplatz” is the new center of the district, which is well received by the Wandsbekers. Just like the many parks and green areas that stretch through the district like the river “Wandse”. Nearby the marketplace “Wandsbek Marktplatz” there is also the beautiful fountain “Puvogelbrunnen”, which is dedicated to the former Wandsbeker mayor Friedrich Puvogel. Puvogel was also editor of the daily newspaper "Der Wandsbecker Bothe".

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The park “Mühlenteich”:

The park "Mühlenteich" lies in the course of the walls and was renovated in 2011. Since then the park has revived the surrounding area.

Der Mühlenteichpark auf


Shopping mall „Wandsbeker Quarree“:

The Wandsbeker Quarree is the shopping center in Wandsbek. The large shopping center serves a wide range and is located at the Wandsbeker Markt. The shopping center has been in existence since 1988 and has been extensively renovated in 2011. The offer is huge, ranging from classic consumer goods to luxury items. Also a large multiplex cinema is located in the extensive area, which almost feels like a small city.

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The event center "Kulturschloss Wandsbek"

In the vicinity of the parc "Mühlenteich" is also the event center "Kulturschloss Wandsbek", where events take place with music, theater or readings. The still young cultural and event center was opened in 2010 and offers the Wandsbekers music, exhibitions, readings, theater and much more. The "Kulturschloss Wandsbek" also annually organizes the summer festival in Wandsbek around the Mühlenteich.

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The largest Oktoberfest in Hamburg:

Once a year, Wandsbek's market square becomes Wandsbeker Wiesn. The largest Oktoberfest in Hamburg takes place in the district. The fact that the Wandsbekers like to enjoy and socialize is borne out by a pavilion, which will be opened in Wandsbek in September: With pork knuckle, brezn, white sausage and beer the Hamburgers celebrate their Oktoberfest here on the Wandsbeker Oktoberfest.

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The State Archives of Hamburg:

The State Archives of Hamburg:
In Wandsbek is also the seat of the Hamburg State Archives.

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The park „Botanischer Sondergarten“:

If you walk further along the small river “Wandse”, you will meet the colorful botanical garden with its 1,000 species of plants. In the 1.5-hectare park regularly garden exhibitions and guided tours on nature themes take place.

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Numerous sporting activities:

Sports enthusiasts will find a varied offer in Wandsbek: in addition to the “Cabrio Sport”, where tennis, badminton, squash and table tennis can be played, there are also centers where bowling and fitness enthusiasts will get their money's worth. There is something for every taste.

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